Organically Building an Engaged Following

Summary: We took it 0-100 (1000, actually)!


Background: Greco Fitness, an amazing Ottawa success story (grew from 1 location to 13 in the Ottawa area alone, and now 1 location in Toronto) was acquired by a group of investors In September of 2016. 93 Agency is fortunate to have been hired to lead social media and digital marketing efforts as the brand looks at growing across North America. Upon being given the task of the social media accounts, we were tasked with creating and growing the Greco Fitness Brand. Each Greco Fitness franchise has their own locational Instagram account, however, there was no corporate account for Greco Fitness. We wanted to quickly create and grow this, as Greco Fitness recognized Instagram as an effective community building and lead generation tool. It should be noted: the following was all built without any paid ads or automated tactics.



-Increase brand presence on social media, and create + enforce brand consistency

-Increase leads for current Greco Fitness locations. (Once potential members get inside a Greco location, they know why Greco Fitness is such a great success and can truly change their lives. We just need to get them in there!)

-Create a #GrecoCommunity where members, trainers, and all stakeholders are engaged and enthusiastically promoting the Greco Fitness brand



-Build followers organically through engagement

-Create and share content that is well branded, easily recognizable, and engaging



-Use engaging CTAs (Call to actions)

-Re-post and/or recognize member contributed content

-Build audience through pro-active engagement

-Use photos of ACTUAL Greco Members for graphics and promotional photos



-Instagram following at time of this case study: 1018 (built from 0 over 4 months)



-Stay true to branding, but always be human

-Use engaging CTAs in captions

-Engage with the community (provide recognition)

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Prior to when we began work on the Greco Fitness Facebook page, the average reach per post was 520 people. Since we have been managing the page, the average reach per post is now 842. That means EACH daily post is reaching 322 more people on average than before, equalling a 161.9% increase in reach.

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