How To Market Yourself as an Athlete

Back in 2020, as sports began getting cancelled left right and centre, social media use started to skyrocket. Influencers were growing their accounts like crazy, Tiktok stars were born, and YouTube viewership hit highs. But where were the athletes?

As an athlete, you have an incredible opportunity to be an influence of good, impact others, and grow your own platform to benefit your athlete career as well as life after sports.

But why don’t athletes post more?

-Fear of judgement
-Lack of education
-Low confidence
-Don’t have the resources

All of these are valid reasons, but we are here to tell you that any athlete has the ability to grow their impact, influencer, and income using social media. Whether you are just starting out and looking to invest into your future, or are a seasoned pro, the tips in this video are great starting points on your journey to marketing yourself as an athlete.

Before we get into it – why should you even bother to market yourself? Here’s why it’s important:

-Get sponsorship deals
-Impact the next generation
-Get noticed or scouted
-Launch a business or sell merch
-Build a fanbase
-Grow your platform for life after sport
-Network and build community

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