Using Facebook and Twitter to Grow an Event

We achieved an acquisition cost of $0.62. If your business is not taking advantage of Facebook advertising, you truly are missing out!

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Summary: With social media being the first place that many people check first when looking for more information on an event or business we know that it is important to have a respectable audience size (more followers) to provide credibility to all those that find your business page. Facebook Advertising is an incredible tool for building a Facebook following. Twitter is also an equally impressive tool, especially in the case os B2B engagement. Now that the Ottawa Ski, Snowboard, and Travel Show has a large social media following, they are able to attract larger brands/exhibitors who view the Ski Show’s large social media audience as added value to becoming an exhibitor.


Background: When handed the logins for the Ottawa Ski Show social media accounts, the accounts had a combined following of less than 100 people. The event needed a boost to regain its title as the “go-to” event in the ski, snowboard, and travel community.



-Grow follower base

-Create “hype” leading up to the event

-Attain leads on new and larger exhibitors for the show



-Facebook Ads to promote the page, event, and important content

-Build Twitter audience organically through engagement

-Reach out to brands and businesses on Twitter to attain new exhibitors



-Using targeting tools on Facebook ads to ensure only potential attendees were being targeted (no ad spend goes to waste = increased ROI)

-Creating promotional videos that would be shared within the community and also by exhibitors with equally large followings (thus driving more people to the event)

-Share trending content to become the page to check for information on skiing, snowboarding, and travel

-Direct tweeting

-Cross-promoting attendees, allowing them to reach our audience



-Event grew tremendously in both exhibitors and attendees (line-up out the door waiting for the doors to open for the event)

-Event received media coverage

-Exhibitors and attendees became more engaged, posting their photos and tweets about the show, which helped the show reach even more people year over year

-Show is a yearly “Must Attend” event



-Develop a plan well in advance (6 months out from event in this case)

-Start promoting early, businesses (exhibitors) and attendees alike plan their schedules ahead

-Create value. For exhibitors, the value is the large social media following and engaged community. For the community, it is the informative posts and articles, and engaging content

-Use advanced targeting with FB ads (Monitor it closely so you can adjust as you go)

-Build a community and “they” will come

-Twitter still is a dominant B2B tool

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