Increasing Engagement on a Budget

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Summary: When working with small and local businesses who typically have different budgets than the average marketing agency client, creative and strategic thinking are key. We were able to create cost effective content, including viral videos and promotional photography that got the job done! Going in with a plan ensures optimal use of resources and the best results!


Background: Kunstadt Sports, a long-term social media management client, became interested in using media rich custom content, such as professional photo and video, to promote their 3 Ottawa locations, the products they carry, and the events they take part in. This content would be developed and implemented into the existing social media strategy we created and manage.



-Create custom content (photos and videos) that would drive engagement and increase brand awareness and reach

-Showcase the amazing company culture Kunstadt Sports has

-Increase shares on Facebook page, which will, in turn, increase the reach of the content to relevant potential customers



-Photo and video content using Kunstadt Sports employees as the “models” and actors/actresses



-Boosted video content using Facebook Ads to reach more potential, and local, customers

-Strategically used photo content for promoting different events, products, and general brand awareness (Each photo shoot provided content for months)



-Engagement increased (more likes, comments, and clicks)

-Shares went through the roof, especially on video content!



-Visual content is key

-Create something relatable and then come up with an extreme example

-Stay true to branding/company culture (let it shine through in the content)

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Click here to read more about our work with Kunstadt Sports!

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